Abandoned Building Diorama UE4

A project done after work hours, fully handpainted in Photoshop and 3DCoat and rendered in UE4


A quick project done in my spare time over a long weekend for fun. Apologies- the .gif below may take a moment to load.

Final Major Project

For my FMP I decided to create a series of 3 stylised dioramas in UE4 over the course of 20 weeks. Each diorama has its own sounds, music, and animations. They are based on the writing of Robin Hobb, who kindly gave me permission to create fan art of her IP.

Download game here; https://mega.nz/#F!FpwBjIQY!lYK-OzATzy4e4WzhyyX9yA


World of Warcraft-inspired Stylised Diorama

A project set by university, based around the Blizzard student environment art competition brief. It was a 3 week project and all concepts, textures, and models are authored by me. Rendered in UE4.

Market Diorama

Project in my spare time learning UE4, Substance Painter, and Zbrush. About 4 months total.